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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

50 questions.. !! (taken from Ummi...!! tnx SAYANG!!)

Sleep with or without clothes on?
: Ish.. kne la pakai.. malu ooooo.... hahaha


Prefer black or blue pens? 
: Blue....


Dress up on Halloween? 
: xsambut pown... tpy juzt 4 fun.. pakai topi ' witch' 2.. hehe


Like to travel? 
: mesti larh.... baru2 nieyh g melaka... best...!!


Like Someone? 
: hehhe.. like3 <3


Do they know? 
: hehe.... mesty la... mmber da taw kot... ngeeee ;)


Who sleeps with you every night?
: my 'sheep' n pooh..!!


Think you're attractive?
: erk.. xkot....?? lau attractive.. rmai yg sangkut.. haha.. wat mase skrg.. xde... so.. NO kot.. haha


Want to get married?
: opcoz la.. tggu si dia stabil kewangan dlu <syarat my mommy>


: Mr Ehemmmm.. <3

Are you a good student?
: hehe.. nakal la... salu wat kaco2 dalam kelas.. haha

Are you currently happy?
: not quite happy... sbb cousin meninggal dunia... ;(


Have you ever cheated?? Been cheated on?
: Mest la pernah... 

: proud to be Kuala Lumpurian.. hahaha :p


Christmas or Halloween?
: nak raya?? n chinese new year.... (masyuk mase 2) hahha


Colored or black-and-white photo?
: black n white... classic....


Do long distance relationships work?
: no way....


Do you believe in astrology?
: no always.... depends (syirik betoi) hahha


Do you believe in love at first sight? 
: yeah..<3

Do you consider yourself the life of the party?
: apew 2..?? 'life of the party'?? sy tak dtg pown base je.. go on jew majlis 2.. haha


Do you drink?
: drink la.... jnji halal n NON ALKOHOL... hahaha


Do you make fun of people?
: ahahaha.. all the time... yg 6 org sahabat 2.. salu sy usik..

Do you think dreams eventually come true?
: yeah.. but takes time....

Favorite fictional character?
: hurm.... xde kot.. sume ske...


Go to the movies or rent?
: movies of course!!


Have you ever moved?
: pernah... bnyak 3 kali.. haha

Have you ever stolen anything?
: penah lorh... barang ape... secret.. hhaha

How's the weather right now?
: hujan lorh.. kesejukkan... ;P
Last time you cut your hair?
: last month....!! da kontot da rmbut ku....

Last person you talked to on the phone?
: weeeeee~ kawan fara yg da lme xcol... tiba2 col.. haha

Last time you showered?
: pagi tadi. nape?

Loud or soft music?
: LOUD..!!

McDonalds or Burger King?
: MCD....!! LAPAQ LA PULOK....

Night or day?
: dua2 best... hahah

Number of pillows?
: 4 bab queen size bed... plus my teddy bears.... *erk.. termasuk kew?? hehe

Piano or guitar?
: prefer piano.. bab pernah belajar.. tpy kantoi tgh jalan.. haha

Future job?
: psikologi.. *beware guys n gurls.. haha

Current job?
: account clerk.. hehe =P

Current love?
: xpayah taw.. haha...

Current longing?
: my eheeeemmmm .... ;(

Current disappointment?
: my eheeeeeemmmm....

Current annoyance?
: my mom.. =P

Last thing you ate?
: nasi goreng....

Last thing you bought?
: my dad's clothing....

Most recent thing you are looking forward to?
: oh my C3..!! anyone??? haha

What are you hearing right now?
: songs from era.fm

Plans for the weekend?
: driving.. hehe

What did you do today?
: erk... blogging.. sambil wat akaun.. hahaha

Pick a lyric, any lyric or song?
: u r my only one..!! *melalak.. haha

Pick a movie quote?
: sabor je la..~ hehe
p/s : ummi.. tnx ek.. hhaha


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