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Friday, February 11, 2011

My Minute Survey

Name : Farra 
Full name : Yong Noor Farrah binti Fauzi Yong 
Sibiling(s) : Anan tunggal a.k.a Bongsu 
Eye colour : Mcm coklat,mcm hitam... xtaw la den.... 
Shoe size : Of coz 5... 
Hair : Janji lepas bahu... 
Height : 158 cm 
What are you wearing right now : Baju kurung warna peach n tudung oren... haha =) 
Where do you live : kuala lumpur a.k.a hulu langat..(pilih la mne satu) 
Favourite number : 13 n 7 
Favourite drink : Ice blended chocolate, milo ~ hehe =) 
Favourite month : mac n julai 
Favourite breakfast : nasi goreng mama (pergh, sedap tu... )
Broken a bone : ish.. xpenah lagy.. amin... 
Been in a police car : Pernah.. excort ke kem 2.. 
Fallen for a friend : mesti la pernah..  
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : of coz ade.. secret crush... =)
Swam in the ocean : di port dickson... paling jauh langkawi.. hahaha 
Fallen asleep in school : pernah... tapy xpernah salu.... okay la 2.... 
Broken someone’s heart : maybe....=( 
Cried when someone died : Mygrandmother... 
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : adew!! my beloved bf.. hehe 
Saved e-mails : malas 
Been cheated on :pernah kot.. ntah.. xamik port da... haha
Your room look like : okay la.. xla terlalu kemas.. rase semak kot.. too many books.. i guess...??
What is right beside you : My k660i
What is the last thing you ate : buah jambu.. juz now.. haha
Chicken pox : Pernah.. mse form 1... smpai masuk hospital sbb kuman masuk otak... (sadessss) 
Sore throat : last 3 month...
Stitches : hurm... xpernah... xcident pernah la.... motor.. haha (kne langgar okay... not merempit!!) 
Broken nose : no way... kne jaga beauty.. hehe
Believe in love at first sight : YEAH!!
 Like picnics? : Mesti la ske... lagi2 gan org tersayang..=)
Who did you last yell at : my bf (sory syg)
Who was the last person you danced with :wif my fwens.. lagu nobody 2.. hahaha 
Who last made you smile : my fwens (mira n erma) luv u always!! 
What are you listening right now? : jason derulo (in my head) 
What did you do today : fbing ,working n texting... 
Are you the oldest : no way, sy paling manje okay... =) 
indoors or outdoors : mybe both.. tgk keadaan... hehe

Talk to someone you like? : YEAH!!
Kiss anyone? : secret....=) 
Sing? : im suck at singing.. hahaha 
Talk to an ex? : uhhhhh!!! hell no.. hahha 
Miss someone ? : Mish my hubby yg jauh.. hahha 
Eat? : CANT MISS LAU LAUk SEDAP... siap tmbah 2.. haha
You talked to on the phone? : wif my hubby.. smetime texting
 Made you cry? : hurm.. rasia.... =( 
Went to the movies with? : My hubby.. khurafat!!! best siot!! 
You went to the mall with? : my fwens!! 
Who cheered you up? : my fwens n my hubby...=)
Been to Mexico? : xnak, bahaya... drugs all over... 
Been to USA? :YEAH!! (in my dreams)
Have a crush on someone? : yeah... long time ago... =) 
What books are you reading right now? : novel... lagy story about cinta.. haha 
Best feeling in the world? : excited!! haha 
Future kids name? : ish... lame lagy mau pkir.... =)
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : yeah.. my little sheep... hehe 
What’s under your bed? : boxes n junks!!
 Favourite sport(s) : badmintons!! 
Favourite place : dpn tv kot.. haha 
Who do you really hate? : sume org yg ske wat fitnah... (sape yg terasa k??) 
Do you have a job? :yeah!! working right now!!  
What time is it now? : 2.39pm ( 11 feb)
Selamat mencuba.. hehehe (tnx to my fwen yg supply nieyh.. curi.. sory umie..)

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